We always bring the GOOD stuff.

In-Facility Research - San Francisco, CA

Customized research solutions

Although our official company birthdate is in 2010, we’ve got over 40 years of experience with consumer research.

We are passionate about translating what people need, do, think, want and feel into actionable business insights.

To do that, we craft creative consumer research solutions. Because every research challenge is unique, we believe the solution should be as well. Every project is customized based on your learning objectives and budget.

Our bag of tricks includes both qualitative and quantitative methods and we’ve been known to combine approaches and innovate from scratch to build perfect methodological fits for even the most complex challenges.

Shop-Along Research - Columbus, OH

What we do

Good Runners have professional backgrounds that line up with various types of organizational research challenges. Though project specifics are highly unique, we customize based on a starting foundation of best practices gained through experience.

Some the types of research challenges we have experience with include:

  • Concept testing
  • Brand development
  • New product innovation and prioritization
  • Go-to-market studies
  • Channel strategy
  • Shopper research
  • Path to purchase
  • Usability testing
  • Communication and messaging development and testing
  • Targeting and segmentation
superstar community

Our Superstar Community

Recruiting the right people

We believe that getting the right mix of people is fundamental to the success of a consumer research problem. If we get a little anal about recruiting, it’s because we care. You tell us who you’re looking to talk with, we’ll find them and chat them up.

Some of our not-so-secret sources for finding GOOD folks:

Superstar Community

We have developed an eye for GOOD people. From projects past, we curate people who are engaged, creative and offer an interesting perspective. Residing all over the US, they are in every way representative consumers, who just happen to be super-articulate and expressive. If you want to talk with a pool of potentially passionate consumers, this is your jam.

National best-in-class recruiting partners

If your project calls for a quantity of people, there are market coverage considerations or you have a complicated set of respondent attributes you need, we call in the big guns. We have partnerships with best-in-class global and national recruiters to find exactly who you need to talk with as efficiently as possible.

Client customer base

Need to talk with your own lapsed or current customers? We can help and will work with your list of contacts to make it happen.

Meeting where it makes sense

Sometimes it makes sense to go into a market and bring consumers to a focus group facility. Other times, it makes sense to enable consumers to talk with remotely from wherever they are. For other projects, it makes sense to go where our consumers are and meet them on their turf. That’s the beauty of custom-designed research solutions – we go where it makes the most sense to learn what you need to know.

  • Mobile

    With phone-based research, your consumers can put us in their pockets and share insight into their behavior and habits at different points in their daily routines and activities from wherever they are.

  • DASH

    Our proprietary platform provides a landing spot for consumer activities, assignments and engagements. (Coming Soon)

  • In-Context

    Sometimes it makes sense to meet consumers at their gym, on the job site or in the grocery store and talk about their habits, preferences, behaviors and barriers as the action unfolds in real time.

  • In-Home

    We have conversations in consumer homes, peek into their cabinets and report truths based on the realities of their lives.

  • The Rec Room

    In January 2017 we opened a first-of-its-kind research and event space. Our facility, located in midtown Richmond, Virginia, combines the technological capabilities of traditional focus group facilities with a casual and comfortable environment that enables participants to feel at home during sessions.

  • In-Facility

    Sometimes a tried and true research facility is the best way to go. We hope you’ll put ours in the mix. In addition to ours, we know all the best places to go.

Methodological Approaches

If we can dream it, we can figure out a way to do it. We have a big bag of tricks and tools that include both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. And while we go with tried and true methods when that’s what works best for your objectives, we’re also known for finding novel ways to uncover the actionable insights your company needs.


QUALITATIVE approaches include:

  • Small group format
  • Individual interviews
  • Self-directed/virtual ethnography kits
  • Parties and confessionals
  • Shopalongs
  • Immersion sessions
  • Influencer investigations
  • Co-creation and maker workshops
  • Intercepts
  • Mock showers, parties and potlucks

QUANTITATIVE approaches include:

  • Online surveys and polls
  • Concept testing
  • Ad testing
  • Market feasibility
  • Innovation pipeline prioritization

QUALI-QUANT hybrid approaches include:

  • Flashqual
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Tasting labs
  • Fit clinics
  • Closet and cabinet audits