Our mission at Good Run Research and Recreation is to do as much GOOD as we can, by being really, really GOOD at market research. Born from this mission, GRRR has launched RVA Research, giving an unfair advantage to Richmond businesses and organizations.

Why Richmond? Well, it’s our hometown, and (we’re biased, but) it’s packed with GOODness. So of course we’re in on that action. RVA has seen explosive growth spurred on by a hoppin’ foodie scene, vibrant cultural attractions, and unmatched natural beauty. Richmond also has a varied, innovative business landscape filled with brilliant entrepreneurial ventures, new ideas, and quite the reputation for startups. With the flourishing small business space, art on every corner, and an influx of new residents RVA has quietly become the cool kid on the playground right under our noses. Richmond is thriving, it’s hip, it’s happening.

So why RVA Research? Well, we’ve spent years sharing our GOODness with clients around the world, and now we’re ready to have a deeper impact, right here at home. We understand that not all local companies and organizations have the resources for a typical Good Run Research and Recreation project, and that’s where RVA Research comes in. We pair our research expertise with innovative methods, designed to meet client needs and provide excellent value for entrepreneurial businesses and nonprofits. We’ve shared a lot about us, and now we’re excited to learn about you! If you’re interested in partnering with RVA Research, complete this short application and we’ll touch base soon.

If you’d like to learn more about how RVA Research has helped local organizations, visit our RVA Research Case Studies page!